Our friend, Amanda Love, has had a number of creative careers. She’s been a letterpress printer (sold us our Vandercook Proof Press–for which I’m not sure whether I hate her or love her), mastered letterpress printing, mastered screen printing, and is one of America’s premier bookbinders. Now she’s started a wonderful new thing called Book Club, which is exactly what it says it is, a book club(s) for adults and kids. She asked us to design a “badge” for club participants based around iconography from the classic children’s book, “The Borrowers.”



Dark Horse Builders is one of the premier design-builders in Chicago and Southwest, Michigan. We were lucky enough to have them build our office and the results were spectacular.



We have a number of design heroes. None more, however, than the great Dieter Rams. His designs for Braun set the standard for clean, elegant, and restrained work.  He turns a very young 84 on Friday.



Our friends at Rohner Press asked us to design a give-away piece for Kodak’s booth at Drupa, the printing industry trade show held in Dusseldorf, Germany. The three-color crest we designed shows off letterpress printing’s subtleties and ably demonstrates Kodak’s imaging qualities.



We’ve known Bruno Rohner since 2000 and have begged him to re-design his website since about then. He finally relented and the result is here


Additionally, he had recently commissioned a new logo and while he liked the symbol, he wasn’t 100% thrilled with the typography. He asked us to take a look and the result is above. We used Neue Haas Unica, a stunningly-beautiful typeface that has been in the works since the late 1970s. 



Our good friend Steve Munro asked us to re-design his website. Steve is one of the premier artist reps in the US and we wanted to make the site worthy of the spectacular art it shows off.